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Internationally tax laws and procedures are in a constant state of change as well as in UAE. Companies want to expand their markets and grow their businesses, so they need a reliable, knowledgeable firm to guide them to their goals with minimal tax impact for direct, indirect taxes and transfer pricing regulations.

Our tax advisors can help develop and safeguard your business in rapidly changing world markets. Businesses across the world need to be agile and responsive to take full advantage of the prospects, challenges and threats that abound. We keep you up to speed on the developments that affect your business, help you interpret their significance and integrate tax considerations into your business strategy.

AKAI Business Solutions are one of the best tax consultants in Dubai providing tax consultancy services all over UAE. Our VAT Consultants perform a detailed tax audit in relation to every business transaction before your VAT return is filed with FTA. Our tax consultants in UAE also provide industry specific tax services, tax registration services, tax deregistration services to a wide spectrum of clients.

There are several concepts, regulations, procedures, and processes which a business entity should know about and comply with as per VAT laws and regulations. Our approach firstly includes the understanding of the client’s business nature and activities with the perspective of the applicable VAT regulations. The second step of the approach includes assisting client entity in establishing and implementing VAT compliant systems and processes.

Our approach has been broken down into following points:

  • Detailed assessment and review of existing client system and processes
  • Identifying key areas that will be affected the most from VAT implementation
  • Assessing and reviewing important documents like existing contracts with customers/suppliers and recommending the appropriate VAT clauses to be incorporated into the existing as well as the new contracts.
  • Training client staff to ensure that the client entity’s staff is aware and updated with regards to the applicable VAT laws and regulations in the UAE.
  • Providing recommendations and assisting the client company in re -structuring its procedures, processes, and transactions so that to align the client entity’s existing systems with the VAT laws and regulations.
  • Providing advice and assistance to client entity in relation to registering for VAT, VAT rollout, preparation and filing of VAT returns.
  • Providing assistance and support in period post VAT implementation.
We also provide services on:

VAT Consultancy Services

  • VAT Filing
  • VAT Registration
  • VAT Training
  • VAT Transaction Advisory

VAT/Tax Audit Services

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