Revolut’s online payments hit by Visa issue

Fintech says Mastercard payments are unaffected by outage

Revolut customers experienced problems with some online payments on Sunday, as a partial outage of services hit transactions.

It was not clear how many of the fintech’s customers were affected by the problem, which affected Visa payments.

The company’s status update page showed the problem was first detected at 1.09am on Sunday. As of early afternoon it had not been rectified.

However, the issue was limited to Visa, and did not affect Revolut’s Mastercard transactions.

Engineering fix Revolut said it had engineers working on the issue and apologised for the inconvenience to customers. It did not give a time frame when it expected the issue to be fixed.

The issue comes only weeks after Revolut customers were unable to use the smartphone app for several hours, as intermittent issues hit six services

including transfers, top-ups and sign-in.

Revolut has 1.2 million customers in the Republic and is highly confident it can surpass two million given the rate at which it is growing.

“One in three Irish adults now has a Revolut account, and on Black Friday alone we had more than 400,000 people in Ireland shopping via Revolut,” co-founder and chief executive Nikolay Storonsky said earlier this month.

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