Receivables & Payables Management


For a business to survive as it grows, it needs to be able to manage its cashflows. A lot of businesses have trouble with their cashflows when they begin scaling. This is due to the fact that businesses often don’t have enough resources to scale their cash flow management capabilities along with the rest of their operations. This leads to their cash flow management being overburdened. And when this happens, a business’s growth can suddenly come to a halt.

Managing your accounts receivables is a crucial part of keeping your cash flows streamlined. Well-maintained accounts receivables prevent a majority of your business’s outstanding invoices from turning into bad debts. Most businessmen are acutely aware of how important financial management is for a business. But a lot of businessmen face trouble when it comes to taking steps to update and scale their accounting capabilities.

This is because scaling your accounting capabilities is a resource heavy task. You need to invest in software and also in human resources. Not everyone has the resources needed to fuel their business’s growth and also focus on their accounting management. This is precisely why outsourcing financial activities has become so popular.

We offer a wide range of services when it comes to accounts receivables management:

  • A/R Aging Report Generation
  • A/R Factoring
  • A/R services
  • Preparation for billing and mailing
  • Recordkeeping of revenue
  • Data entry of receivable transactions
  • Preparation and delivery of periodic statements
  • Preparation of A/R reports
  • A/R deductions management

Payables Management Services

Managing your finances, vendor relations, and your accounts payables becomes increasingly hard as your business grows. And these are all key factors that you cannot risk making mistakes with. For a growing business, managing accounts payables is very important. Well-managed accounts payables will help you keep everything else under check as well.

In the past, businesses that didn’t have the resources on hand would suffer when their accounts management capabilities would begin to lag behind. Nowadays, businesses can simply outsource their accounts management to third parties. This is an incredibly efficient and cost-effective solution available to small and large businesses. By choosing to outsource, you save time and money. You also save resources that you can invest in some other part of your business.

Here’s how accounting firms can help you with maintaining your accounts payables:

  • Manage all of your payable documents including
  • Process and manage your data
  • Duplication analysis to identify duplicated data and rectify it through
  • Reduce customer floating costs with disbursement services
  • Generation of accounts payable reports
  • Processing of travel and expenses
  • Tax reporting
  • Customer service
  • Special project reports
  • Supplier management

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