External Audit


External Audit, whether required to fulfil legislation requirements for government reporting, or whether to determine value, are extremely important in business. Audit results will play a vital role in qualifying your company for financing, for helping other companies to decide to do business with you, and for determining if diversification or acquisitions will be approved. External, independent audit from unbiased outside agencies determine the level of confidence held by your investors, stakeholders, stockholders, and employees.

Such a report can drive the value of a publicly traded company, change the destiny of executive officers of a corporation, and ultimately decide if a company succeeds or fails. AKAI Business Solutions with more than 20 years of experience in the top international markets provides world-class external audit services in UAE. Our qualified Chartered Accountants not only ensure you audit is conducted with professionalism but also ensure that their diverse and international experience is utilized while auditing your accounts.

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